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Worn necklace method

Worn necklace method
Wearing a <strong><a href="" title="sterling silver necklace">sterling silver necklace</a></strong> should match their age and body coordination. Such as the slender woman wearing a neck chain, imitation silk, more beautiful; whip thick solid sterling silver necklace mature older women for use. Wear sterling silver necklace and clothing should also be echoed. For example: wearing a soft, flowing silk dress clothes, when, should wear a fine, delicate sterling silver necklace, looked charming; wear a solid color or plain clothes, should wear a bright color of the necklace. Thus, in the embellishment of jewelry, clothing colors may seem rich and active. <br>
One hand just wearing three sterling silver bracelets:Unpolished natural crystal, energy is best, but generally have been carved crystal ornaments, cutting, less power than original rock, the role will not be great, but the quantity is not appropriate to wear, one is wearing three limit. In addition, allowing for the radioactivity to be worn on the right crystal worn on the left, or will be worn on the left of the absorbing nature of crystal worn on the right hand, will disrupt the magnetic field affect the fortune. <br>
&nbsp;If you are men, wear a <strong><a href="" title="money clips">money clips</a></strong>, but also the identity and status symbol.<br>
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Notes with earrings

Notes with earrings<br>
Complement each other and clothing to wear an exquisite <a href="" title="cartilage earrings"><strong>cartilage earrings</strong></a>, undoubtedly adds a sashay in the ears of the landscape. Now, some of the fashion-conscious young people not only wear on the ear lobe cartilage earrings, still in the upper ear (outer ear cartilage area) also put pierced ears, wear both cool-hyun of cartilage earrings. In this regard, the experts remind that in the upper ear piercing, may have difficult to cure the infection and cause permanent ear deformation, let alone have any charm <br>
United States there are four young teenage boy was forced to do ear surgery, because they wear a pierced upper ear, the wound site infection after antibiotic treatment or can not be cured, had surgery. These young men are wearing in a pierced jewelry jewelers. <br>
<a href="" title="Key chains"><strong>Key chains</strong></a> Joseph • Prather young doctor is the authority of the field of plastic surgery, he was very sorry to bring this matter: &quot;In fact, not only is the United States, Britain, many countries there have been cases of infection caused by piercing, the boy's condition is often more serious than girls. boys prefer the upper ear piercing, who dress to show off to each other more. and they do not pay attention a little wound care, do not pay attention to hygiene. &quot; <br>
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